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Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Crisis management planning and training is vital for every serious organisation to help manage threats, reduce the element of surprise and shorten the time necessary for decision making. 

Generative HSE specialises in crisis management planning and has a range of tools to help with the process. We tend to follow a five step process as outlined below, however this may be altered as necessary to suit the organisation:

Phase I - Identify probable crisis pathways and response objectives for each crisis type
Phase II - Complete Crisis Management Policy and supporting Standard Operating Procedures Phase III - Establish and train Crisis Management Team, including media management
Phase IV - Undertake initial and every six monthly scenario testing
Phase V – Provision of advice in the event of a crisis

Our crisis management plans tend to cover the following topics:

  1. Immediate Crisis Response
  2. Mobilisation of Crisis Management Team
  3. Management of the Crisis
  4. Recovery Strategy
  5. Business Continuity transition (where required)
  6. Debrief and Implementation of Lessons Learnt 

We've seen a growing demand for a handy tool that can provide individuals with everything they need in the event of a crisis. Our Crisis Management Smartphone Application has been developed to meet this need and offers the following tools:

  • Information about how to respond to a crisis
  • Assessment matrix
  • Team contacts
  • Response flowchart
  • Team roles
  • Crisis room set-up
  • News and insights

The application is tailored to meet the needs and specific Crisis Management Plan for each organisation.