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Fitness in the Workplace

A Medibank Private study has found that the healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than other colleagues. Research has shown that companies which adopt wellness programs see significant positive returns, such as improved performance and reduced absenteeism and turn-over. For instance, a 20% reduction in overall well-being led to a 10% reduction in work performance. 

Generative HSE works closely with BSS Corporate Psychology Services to provide a comprehensive range of Fitness for Work services.
BSS Corporate Psychology Services is recognised by the mining, construction, transport and heavy industry as a leading expert in Fitness for Work encompassing:

  • Fitness for work policy development and implementation
  • Employee fitness for work education programs in addition to Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) and Fatigue
  • Supervisor training in the management of fitness for work issues
  • Establishing appropriate rehabilitation and case management procedures to assist employees who may be unfit for work
  • Providing or locating suitable treatment for employees with fitness for work issues
  • Case managing employees with fitness for work problems
  • Advice on the procedures and elements of a drug and alcohol testing program
  • Provision of expert evidence in the Industrial Relations Tribunal
  • Reviewing FFW programmes

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