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Marc McLaren

Managing Director


  • Sydney University – Bachelor of Social Studies - 1983
  • University of Newcastle – Master of Occupational Health and Safety - 2012

Years of Experience in HSE - 15 years

Industries Worked In:  

Workplace Psychology, Human Resources, Training, Occupational Health and Safety.

Milestone Achievements:

  • Co-founded and led The WorkWise Group, a leading Australian Psychological, Organisational and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) consultancy firm in 1997
  • Founded and managed Safety BootCamp, two-day program coveringSafety Leadership Development, Safety Culture and Behavioural Change and Safety Performance Improvement
  • Founded Generative HSE and has improved risk and occupational health and safety performance across a number of blue-chip companies
  • Design and led major safety culture change programs

Noteworthy Companies Worked With: Anglo American, BG Group, BHP Billiton, Brambles, Cadbury Schweppes, CSR Bradford, IAG, Origin Energy, Peabody, PepsiCo, Thiess, Transfield Services, QGC, and Woolworths


Marc is the Founder and Managing Director of Generative HSE forming a highly skilled and qualified team in risk management, culture development, safety leadership, and OHS system design and review. Having worked in various industries, including oil and gas, mining, processing, infrastructure, rail, construction, manufacturing, and logistics, he provides a diverse perspective and wide range of skills for the organization which are highly regarded by the company’s client base. Marc drives the strategic leadership of Generative HSE as a talented presenter, analytical thinker, executive leader, facilitator, and OH&S professional with over 25 years of business management experience. He understands the intricacies of OH&S and, as a result, has developed an innovative portfolio of services ranging from material risk management to process safety, OH&S strategy planning, global safety culture surveying, and effective safety leadership training and coaching.

After graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Social Studies/Social Work, he continued his education completing a Master of Occupational Health and Safety with distinction through the University of Newcastle. He is currently embarking on a research thesis in organisational safety decision making and performance through UTS in Sydney. Marc utilizes his sociology and psychology background in his effective communication style to deliver training and consultancy for the company’s clients. In 1997, Marc co-founded The WorkWise Group, a leading Australian Psychological, Organisational and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) consultancy firm, providing professional services to blue chip organisations and the public sector. During this time he led a highly regarded team of clinical psychologists, organisational and business consultants, facilitators, trainers, and OH&S professionals. He also founded Safety BootCamp, a two-day program covering Safety Leadership Development, Safety Culture, and Behavioural Change and Safety Performance Improvement. Marc is continually innovating creative ways to communicate the core principles of OH&S, architecting programs for improved efficiency, and pioneering the road for the industry’s next generation.  

Marc has worked with numerous noteworthy companies including Anglo American, BG Group, BHP Billiton, Origin Energy, Peabody, PepsiCo, and Thiess. Just a few of his key achievements with Generative HSE include designing a large scale Safety Summits and HSE professional development program for Thiess, implementing a Contractor Management Development Program with QGC, rolling-out a national Mindful Safety Leadership Program for StarTrack, and deploying a safety climate survey for Origin Energy. He has developed HSE strategic planning for Anglo American, supported Queensland Nickel’s effort to prepare for a major hazard facility audit, and compiled an innovative team based on safety improvement planning for Anglo American. He is on the cutting-edge of facilitating a wholistic approach to operational and safety performance.

Client Feedback:

"Marc has changed the way I perceive safety and I am looking forward to implementing his ideas into my role"

"Great presentation. Engaging and thought stimulating." "His broad experience and knowledge made his presentation educational and very interesting"

"Marc was very interesting. He really opened your mind up to different trains of thought. He placed a different perspective on topics from someone looking from outside the industry. I must admit I benefitted a lot from Marc’s session."

"Great presentation, made me think about different approaches and perhaps how to bring out the best in your people."

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