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WHS Management Systems

WHS Management Systems

The WHS Act requires Australian companies to comply to specific regulations and codes of practices, ensuring work health and safety. However, many organisations add unnecessary layers of complexity to their WHS management system, leading to confusion in the workplace and even misinformed compliance and poor safety practices.

Generative HSE designs WHS management systems which streamline and improve the effectiveness of an organisations’ systems.  This process provides an alignment between the system required and people’s work practices and behaviours on a day-to-day basis. The management systems are designed to enhance ease-of-use, increase system utilisation and reduce human error. 

WHS Auditing

It is essential that performance auditing and compliance to WHS Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practices are adhered to, ensuring WHS system integrity, legal compliance and behavioural alignment. Generative HSE's audits are based on a sound risk management methodology, enriched by carefully designed audit tools and indicators. From pre-audit engagementthrough to reporting, the audit process is carefully monitored to provide accurate measures and results. Learn more.