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Jim Neilson



Jim has over forty years’ experience as a shift supervisor and operations manager at Bluescope Steels Pt Kembla Works.

Jim started his career at the age of seventeen as a Metallurgy trainee and spent the first few years working in the laboratories, before moving to operations in the final year of his cadetship.

Jim became a shift foreman at the age of twenty three. It was around this time he developed his passion for safety as the result of a workplace fatality.

However it was not until many years later that Jim learnt how to truly manage safety and engage the workforce. When Jim first became a manager in the early 90’s; he took control of diverse group of ~50 people having approximately four lost time injuries a year.  At the time Jim left the steelworks he was managing over 100 people with a best performance of over seven years lost time injury free. Jim’s section was part of a larger group that attained over 7,000,000 hours Lost Time Injury Free.

Jim’s group won recognition at Bluescope Steel’s internal safety awards as the Best Performing Group.

Jim now provides other companies with assistance to improve their workplace safety and operational performance, utilising the knowledge and experience he gained at Pt Kembla steelworks.

Jim’s style is to coach and mentors the leaders of the organization in changes they can make to their behaviour to bring about the desired workplace improvements. Jim’s many years of experience also gives him a vast knowledge of potential solutions to workplace hazards and issues.