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Mindful safety leadership for engagement and performance

Mindful Safety Leadership is about improving leadership and employee engagement skills to deliver a high performing safety culture and influence the countless safety decisions made each day. It encourages business leaders to think about their safety successes and challenges and to work out how these learnings can be applied in the future.

Mindful Safety Leadership focuses on a number of specific issues:

  • What are the espoused values and goals of the organisation and how are these implemented and practised throughout the organisation including support services?
  • What can go wrong, and are we doing enough to prevent it going wrong?
  • What are we doing well and are we sharing the good practices and programs widely enough?
  • As leaders are we mindful of how our own behaviours and actions can positively influence or undermine the culture and safe work practices we are attempting to achieve?
  • Are we focusing enough on the quality of our programs or are we simply measuring the quantity?
  • Do we Look to know, Learn to understand, Fix to prevent?

Generative HSE are pioneers of the Mindful Safety Leadership mindset. Our Mindful Safety Leadership Program uses a range of models and theories, derived from a variety of world recognised sources to assist participants to understand the framework of what is required to generate successful outcomes in any business. Participants then take these models and theories and, through a series of experiential learning activities, identify the specific leadership behaviours, activities and programs they will drive once back in the workplace.

Our Mindful Safety Leadership Program is generally a two
day program at the operational leader level. Each program is specifically developed following initial discussions and reviews with the client to ensure that the program is consistent with and intertwined with the values, language, programmes, activities and logos already in existence.

Generative HSE delivers the Mindful Safety Leadership program in partnership with Dr Chris Darling from OHS Leadership.