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High level tips for positively changing safety climate

It's the million dollar question, with a different answer for each team. However we thought it was worth at least attempting to narrow it down broadly.

Measurement: The obvious place to start is with measurement. Understanding your safety climate is key to knowing how best to affect meaningful change. You can use diagnostic tools such as the Safety Climate Survey to understand employee perceptions and what is driving behaviours. Information is critical to ensure effective decision making and that your time is being spent where it counts. It will also give you an indication of whether the hearts and minds of the team are committed to your cause or whether there is a lot more work to do on that front.

Leadership: This is such a broad term. Central though is senior management's commitment, behaviour and involvement in safety and the alignment of safety to formal organisational goals and objectives. Effective strategic planning and open lines of communication are also key. Safety campaigns and training to address staff commitment and perceptions is an obvious driver.

Systems and processes: Systems and processes should be informed, understood and audited. If systems and processes are in place, but audits tell you they are not being used appropriately, it's a good indication that they are flawed. Transparency and feedback is very important when you're looking to improve safety climate.

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