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The Role of the 'Safety Person'

Where does safety sit in your organisation? More importantly, who is accountable and responsible for safety? You'll say 'everyone', but who is responsible for leading the cause - improving overall safety performance?

Many organisations have made a drastic shift with their lines of accountability. The 'Safety People' are moving to a place where they no longer are solely responsible for all the agreed safety deliverables. They act primarily in an enabling and advisory capacity. 

It's the operational leaders who have taken up the batten. Front line staff now take their cues from their actual boss and not 'the safety guy' and they're much more inclined to listen. 

What we are seeing is that this structure incentivises employees and leaders alike to do the right thing - culture starts to shift, norms are produced and performance starts to improve. Assessing the structure and reporting lines in your organisation can go a long way in improving culture and ultimately performance. In the midst of these tectonic shifts its essential that the Safety Professionals are supported in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to support the changes.