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The Safety Box

The principle of 'The Safety Box' is a guiding principle of the Mindful Safety Leadership Program. It's a useful tool for demonstrating the impact of individual decision making, both employees and leaders.

The 'box' we refer to are the standards, behaviour and performance that all employees and contractors are expected to work within and to follow. Behaviours inside the box are acceptable and behaviours outside of the box are unacceptable.

It's the role of the leader to clearly define the boundaries of the box. This important step ensures that everyone is perfectly clear about what is and is not acceptable behaviour. And there should be no question about it - the boundaries should be regularly discussed and reinforced.

Once the boundaries are clear to all, it's important to reinforce good decision making. When your staff work within the box recognise them, care for them, love them and when they work outside the box apply appropriate, just and fair principles.

This principle is intended to empower. The box gives employees clear  boundaries and the power people need to make the right decisions. To find out more about this helpful Mindful Safety tool and how it can be used please give Dr. Chris Darling or Marc McLaren a call on 1300 392 040.