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How to change organisational culture

Changing organizational culture is one of the most difficult leadership undertakings. It's both a large scale initiative and an individual leader led example, which seeks to change an interlocking set of values, beliefs, goals, attitudes and assumptions. It is difficult, but not impossible when leaders follow a logical process and are equipped with the right tools. 

When seeking to change organizational culture and the most effective place to start is with leadership.  It starts with setting the vision and strategic plan; it’s about inspiring conversations and storytelling that lead to trust and engagement.

At Generative HSE, we talk about Mindful Safety Leadership. We assist and coach leaders at every level of the organisation to improve their safety leadership and employee engagement skills.

 Following leadership, comes the management tools. These are the systems and controls that you put in place to encourage and support the right decisions and behaviours. It’s the training, role definition clarity, recognition, hiring process and the operating procedures that support the leader led changes.

At Generative HSE, we help you identify what is working in your organisation and improve what is not. We help you build and maintain the management tools you need to encourage and reinforce appropriate decision making and behaviours, which will ultimately change your organizational culture for the better.