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All hail the supervisor

It doesn't matter how good your operation is, how streamlined your processes and systems are, how strong your culture is, without great Supervisors, it's difficult to reach your full performance potential.

The all-important link between head office and the front line is vital. Supervisors are the interpreters - they interpret what information goes down to the front line and what information goes up to head office. A great Supervisor can speak many 'languages', they understand the needs of the business and know how to get the best from everyone in their area of jurisdiction.

A poor Supervisor can be cancerous. On many occasion, we have seen instances where otherwise high-performing operations are poisoned by an ineffective Supervisor - employees lose focus, performance tends to drop and  'Chinese whispers' may occur.

Don't underestimate the value of a great Supervisor. They can mean the difference between a high-functioning operation and one riddled with inefficiency.

At Generative HSE, we offer a Professional Development Program to help individuals become better leaders. Visit our website for more information.