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What will 2016 hold for you?

The new year always presents a good time to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now and where we still need to go. Here are some of our observations:

We are seeing return on our investment.

Many safety professionals are starting to see a return on their hard work. Culture's are maturing, compliance improving, your operations are becoming more efficient and results are starting to speak for themselves. 

Our leaders are committed.

You've been working hard to encourage leaders to walk the walk and they're starting to wholeheartedly run. Your leaders have taken the baton - reinforcing messages, asking the right questions and driving safety at every opportunity and with every level of the organisation. More importantly, they've taken it on as their own and are seeking you for guidance.

Our supervisors need more support

We've written about this before, but we can't highlight enough just how important our supervisors are. They are constantly interpreting messages - from the top down, bottom up and in every other direction. They are the vital link in the chain who ensure that information is delivered effectively, efficiently and in the appropriate format for the receiver. Their performance and how they behave is arguably the most important driver of culture as they touch everyone in a myriad of ways. We need to ensure the right people get the right training, the right information and the right support in these vital supervisor positions.