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Mindful Safety Leadership - A better approach.

Marc McLaren, in partnership with Chris Darling from OHS Leadership developed the Mindful Safety Leadership Program over five years ago. Since it's inception, Generative HSE has successfully delivered the program to many hundreds of leaders from major Australian organisations with great success. 

Mindful Safety Leadership focuses on:

  • The expressed values and goals of the organisation and how they are implemented and practised throughout the whole organisation
  • What can go wrong and what can be proactively done to prevent failure
  • What is being done well and how can the good practices and programs be effectively shared
  • How a leaders’ behaviours and actions can positively influence or undermine the climate and safe work practices 
  • Effective steps for engaging and empowering the workforce
  • Getting the balance right between quantity and quality safety activities 
  • Learning how to "Look to know, Learn to understand, Fix to prevent"

Click here to watch Marc McLaren present a webinar on Mindful Safety Leadership.