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A Tender Start to Contractor Safety Management.

The most important factor in managing contractor risk is setting up the contract correctly in the first place. This starts with the tender - long before the contractor has even been selected.

The tender document provides you with the opportunity to set expectations from the very beginning and more importantly allows you to assess competencies against actual system requirements. Make your tender documentation as comprehensive as possible and ask responding organisations to demonstrate their ability to conform to your high expectations across all aspects of your operation.

The contract interface between the supplier and the primary company sets the scene for legal compliance in the workplace and identifies the shared duty responsibilities required to be managed as the contract is delivered. Issues such as 'who controls the workplace', 'who controls the work' and 'who has what responsibilities that may be shared' are addressed. The Safety Management Systems of the supplier should also be addressed to ensure that their responsibilities under legislation are being managed in an appropriate manner.

The next step is to ensure that the workers know what is in the contract and how it is supposed to be implemented. Frequent, agreed reviews should take place to ensure that expectations are monitored and reported to keep performance on track. It is important during these reviews to seek feedback from the contractor and ensure that their goals and expectations are also being met.

Generative HSE works with our clients to effectively manage contractors and suppliers from the initial tender and contract process, through to performance reviews and cultural alignment. We have had great success working with our clients to ensure that contracts are strategically managed to ensure success for both parties through effective contract set-up, shared goals and objectives and frequent communication.

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