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Surprising survey results from the AMIC.

For those of you who attended the AMIC WHS Conference on the Gold Coast last month, you might recall responding to a set of questions using the wireless key pads. The intention was to find out people's thinking about what needs to be focused on to sustainably improve safety performance in the meat industry. 

Leadership was the primary concern you identified. Nearly half of you said that your leaders don't consistently demonstrate an unwavering commitment to safety and a similar number of you feel that managers don't empower their staff. There is no simple fix, but there are clear steps for developing strong leadership.

Production issues nearly always come next. Over half of you felt that production concerns get in the way of effective risk management. Contrary to popular belief, safety performance and business performance actually go hand in hand. Effective safety practices are by definition an outcome of operational excellence and a clear focus on what needs to takes place for things to go right.

Surprisingly 60% of you saw your safety management system was working well. Many organisations see this as burdensome and overcomplicated and filled with time consuming paperwork. This result demonstrates a certain level of maturity and that progress is being made in this space.

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- Marc McLaren, MD Generative HSE

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