Generative HSE
Safety beliefs, standards, leadership & performance

Culture Development

An organisation’s safety culture encompasses the shared values, attitudes, and behaviours of employees, in relation to safety. Generative HSE deliver a number of programs with the goal of developing culture within organisations. 

We draw from a range of proprietary development and training programs to tailor a solution to meet the needs of individual organisations.

The Safety Culture Development Programs feature interactive focus groups, assessment tools utilising wireless key pad technology, strategic planning exercises and large scale engagement sessions equipping and inspiring all employees and contractors to make behavioural changes that build a stronger safety culture.

Some of the development programs are:

Council of the Marble Star
Council of the Marble Star™ highlights the issues surrounding personal effectiveness in the midst of uncertainty, lack of direction, competition and changing environments.
Key Benefits:

  • Manages productivity through change or uncertainty

  • Demonstrates that perception outweighs intentions

  • Discovers personal habits, approaches and styles that may block productivity

  • Understands perceived personal effectiveness versus quantified feedback from peers

  • Acquiring and applying information to ensure maximum productivity

  • Creates a vision for individual and corporate excellence

  • Builds strong, productive relationships

  • Employees learn to empower others

  • Employees learn to negotiate successfully

  • Increases leadership and sales effectiveness

  • Masters and influences the work culture

Gold of the Desert Kings
Gold of the Desert Kings™ places participants in circumstances that involve limited time and resources. Group effort and efficiency is required in order to achieve successful outcomes.
Key Benefits:

  • Teaches the power of effective planning and generates the conviction to do it

  • Demonstrates the impact of goals on teamwork and results

  • Teaches the power of vision and proper goal setting

  • Demonstrates the difference in results between teams that play to win and those that play to survive

  • Creates a vision for individual and team productivity, as well as results

  • Increases sales productivity

Promises, Promises
Promises, Promises!™ places people in a situation that forces them to confront the pressures and obstacles of interdependent teams and demonstrates the important correlation between quality communication and quality results. 
Key Benefits:

  • Helps employees understand how their role impacts company-wide goals.

  • Focuses on the interdependence between teams as a critical means to success

  • Increases internal customer service

  • Promotes a common team vision

  • Decreases cycle times and optimally streamlines processes

  • Increases clarity of company goals

  • Maximizes productivity through a win-win approach

  • Builds team unity

  • Introduces a new corporate initiative or direction

  • Improves synergy and interdepartmental effectiveness

Coral Banks Construction Company
Coral Banks™ is an engaging two hour experience requiring participants to complete the construction of an enormous model bridge.  The group activity requires the power of collaboration and the importance of sharing resources and knowledge to accomplish common goals and achieve optimal results.
Key Benefits:

  • Coral Banks focuses on the key elements of high performing teams

  • Optimises team talent

  • Understanding the power of excellent leadership

  • Realising the importance of effective communication

  • Experiences the impact of appropriate resource utilization

  • To learn how unanimous focus on a single goal leads to success

  • Improves team effectiveness

  • Decreases frustration and rework

  • Creates a greater alignment between individual goals and the end result

  • Increases productivity

  • Sense of achievement to increase motivation and job satisfaction

The Brave Truth Experience

The Brave Truth Experience is a unique opportunity for your team to rapidly develop the emotional intelligence competencies necessary to become a high performing team. In a world and business environment where authentic face-to-face communication is increasingly being masked by written communication and technology, teams that foster a deeper level of communication will forge new levels of group confidence, success and profitability.

The program is designed to ensure maximum participation of individuals, allowing for personal determination of their level of vulnerability – thus reducing resistance and maximizing openness to new ideas and learning. Participants learn the value of mutual interdependence, openness and developing trust.

Safe By Choice

Safe by Choice™ is a program designed with one goal - to drive conviction that every person must follow all safety procedures and foster an environment that demands workplace safety.

The program incorporates innovative, memorable and fun experiential learning components. They are designed for teams and individuals to learn by doing, with time for reflection on behaviours that worked, along with those that didn't. The experiences provide participants with the confidence and knowledge to adapt, apply and sustain new behaviours back in the workplace.

Safety Bootcamp

The Safety BootCamp is a dynamic program which actively enhances leadership, managerial and WHS professional skills to build and reinforce a high performing safety culture.  The initiative focuses on specific behavioural decisions on a day-to-day basis which drives sustainable safety performances and designed to reduce incidents and injuries in the workplace.

The Safety BootCamp material is based on empirical research which covers:

  • Latest evidence-based safety leadership, culture, behaviour and systems research

  • Safety leadership principles that have been proven to work in the field

  • Key lessons learnt about safety leadership, culture and behaviour from industries in Australia and globally.

Participants are challenged to analyse their own safety leadership capabilities and the current safety performance of their work area. They are then encouraged to apply the lessons learnt from Safety BootCamp over the two days of their situation and progressively build an Action plan.