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Safety Bootcamp

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During 2009-10, there were 12 million people employed in Australia, and a staggering 640,700 people (5.3% of the workforce) experienced at least one workplace injury or illness.

The Safety BootCamp is a dynamic program which actively enhances leadership, managerial and WHS professional skills to build and reinforce a high performing safety culture.  The initiative focuses on specific behavioural decisions on a day-to-day basis which drives sustainable safety performances and designed to reduce incidents and injuries in the workplace.

The Safety BootCamp material is based on empirical research which covers:

  • Latest evidence-based safety leadership, culture, behaviour and systems research
  • Safety leadership principles that have been proven to work in the field
  • Key lessons learnt about safety leadership, culture and behaviour from industries in Australia and globally.

Participants are challenged to analyse their own safety leadership capabilities and the current safety performance of their work area. They are then encouraged to apply the lessons learnt from Safety BootCamp over the two days of their situation and progressively build an Action plan. 

Subsequent follow-up activities involve telephone coaching following the Safety BootCamp to ensure that learning is implemented and embedded in common organisational practices to effectively embedded, delivering safety improvements.

The program is facilitated by Dr. Chris Darling and Marc McLaren, both highly respected professionals who have helped various organisations successfully achieve superior WHS outcomes.