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Engaging employees through effective risk management

One of our consultants was recently requested by a local government organisation to conduct a review of,  make recommendations and then create a Project Management System with respect to one of its' high-risk activities.

The project involved a comprehensive review of existing documentation, (standard procedures, training packages and records, etc), spending time at the worksite reviewing activities and consulting with operators and supervisors as well as gathering information on best practise.

Our consultant then worked with the client to create a comprehensive Project Management Plan consisting of:

  • WHS Management Plan – including Safe Work Procedures, task specific training, site inductions, emergency procedures, defined responsibilities, etc.

  • Environmental Management Plan

  • Quality Plan

The client’s employees were coached and mentored to help them implement and comply with the requirements of the Project Management Plan.

Whilst initially sceptical it, didn’t take long for the employees to become engaged. Systems have been established to enable continual improvement by reinforcing positives and identifying weaknesses and improvement opportunities in all aspects of the project.

Safety and Quality Performance along with Productivity and Efficiency have all been enhanced.

Employees are better trained and more knowledgeable, reporting systems are in place to identify and resolve safety issues, safety audits/inspections are a regular occurrence at the work site. Issues are now identified and resolved before they become a major incident or injury.