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Safety Leadership + Culture

An organisation’s safety culture encompasses the shared values, beliefs and behaviours of employees and contractors in relation to safety. Generative HSE work with our clients to deliver tailored Safety Culture Development Programs, including interactive focus groups, assessment tools, wireless keypad technology, strategic planning exercises, professional development coaching and large-scale engagement sessions to equip and inspire all employees and contractors to make behavioural changes that build a stronger safety culture.

A two and one day Mindful Safety and Risk Leadership program is available to assist senior managers and frontline leaders to build enhanced safety and risk leadership. We also have professional speakers/ facilitators with real world experience who can be utilised to inspire your team.

Mindful Safety Leadership

Mindful Safety Leadership is a cultural change program designed to assist and coach leaders, at every level of the organisation, to improve their safety leadership and employee engagement skills.

The program results in the development of a high performing safety climate, which influence the countless safety decisions made each day by people at work.

Mindful Safety Leadership is not another classroom activity where you will be asked to passively listen, absorb information and then be tested. Instead you will be invited to think about your safety successes and challenges and to work out how the knowledge and skills discussed can be applied within your unique personal and workplace situation. The program is intentionally designed to facilitate a conversation amongst leaders that aims to make a difference, within your area of accountability.

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Mindful Safety Leadership focuses on:

  • The expressed values and goals of the organisation and how they are implemented and practised throughout the whole organisation
  • What can go wrong and what can be proactively done to prevent failure
  • What is being done well and how can the good practices and programs be effectively shared
  • How the leaders’ behaviours and actions can positively influence or undermine the climate and safe work practices 
  • Effective steps for engaging and empowering the workforce
  • Getting the balance right between quantity and quality safety activities 
  • Learning how to "Look to know, Learn to understand, Fix to prevent"


Safety Leadership Smartphone Application

The Generative HSE Safety Leadership Smartphone (SLS) Application has been designed to reinforce positive behaviours that are established during safety and productivity workshops and training. It also helps to hold staff personally accountable for any follow-up actions or commitments they have made as part of their Personal Safety Action Plan. The SLS Application also features a range of success stories, videos and the ability to chat and ask the staff at Generative HSE a question. The SLS Application is a dedicated leadership tool which is simple to use and is available for download on Apple or Android smart phones. The Application is available to all Generative HSE clients for an agreed period of time.

Safety Climate Survey

It is critical to understand your organisation's current safety climate to drive meaningful change and improve safety performance. Generative HSE helps organisations to better understand their safety climate through the use of a Diagnostic Safety Climate Tool know as the Nordic Safety Climate Questionnaire (NOSACQ-50).

The tool is designed to help measure safety climate, motivations, perceptions and self-rated behaviour and is a reliable predicator of safety behaviours, organisational safety performance and the effectiveness of safety interventions. The survey design is based on organisational and safety climate theory, psychological theory, previous empirical research and a continuous development process. The tool has been developed and refined over the past 10 years by a highly regarded team of Nordic occupational safety researchers and has been subjected to rigorous academic and field review. Learn More.


Find out more about our Mindful Safety Leadership Program for individual safety professionals and business leaders.