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Critical Risk Management

Critical Risk Management

Generative HSE has significant experience working with organisations to effectively manage their critical and material safety risk. We assists organisations through a robust and practical risk management methodology to identify risks and in particular, those that could tragically give rise single or multiple fatalities.

A detailed risk profile is established for each critical risk, incorporating a detailed performance standard, key controls and a field based assurance process.  "Fail safe" is also a key part of our approach in managing critical risks.

The focus is on enabling the workforce to understand and take ownership for critical control effectiveness in everyday work. A tiered approach from top to frontline is used to ensure critical controls are understood and managed effectively on a day to day basis.

Our Critical Risk Climate Survey is a valuable tool for organisations thinking about implementing Critical Risk Management and wish to gauge the effectiveness of their current Critical Risk Management System. Through a series of questions tailored for each level of the business, it assesses current performance and identifies gaps which require attention.

Crisis management planning and training is also vital for every organisation to manage threats, reduce the element of surprise and shorten the time necessary for decision making. 

Generative HSE has a wealth of experience in critical risk and crisis management planning and has a range of tools to help with the process.