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Safety beliefs, standards, leadership & performance

Services Summary

The team at Generative HSE have a vast breadth and depth of experience across all facets of safety, leadership and culture. We work with you to understand your needs and tailor our products to achieve the best outcomes for you. You may download a copy of our services brochure here.

Leadership & Culture

An organisation’s safety culture encompasses the shared values, beliefs and behaviours of employees and contractors in relation to safety. Generative HSE work with our clients to deliver tailored Safety Culture Development Programs, including interactive focus groups, assessment tools, wireless keypad technology, strategic planning exercises, professional development coaching and large-scale engagement sessions to equip and inspire all employees and contractors to make behavioural changes that build a stronger safety culture. A two and one day Mindful Safety and Risk Leadership program is available to assist senior managers and frontline leaders to build enhanced safety and risk leadership. We also have professional speakers with real world experience who can be utilised to inspire your team.

Contractor, Supplier & Contract Management

Generative HSE works with our clients to effectively manage contractors and suppliers from the initial tender and contract process, through to performance reviews and cultural alignment. We have had great success working with our clients to ensure that contracts are strategically managed to ensure success for both parties through effective contract set-up, shared goals and objectives and frequent communication.

Crisis Management

Crisis management planning and training is vital for every serious organisation to help manage threats, reduce the element of surprise and shorten the time necessary for decision making. Generative HSE specialises in crisis management planning and has a range of tools to help with the process. We tend to follow a five step process as outlined below, however this may be altered as necessary to suit the organisation.

Safety Climate Diagnostics

When organisations are looking to redefine their strategy, it can be helpful to understand where their culture currently sits. Generative HSE’s Safety Climate Diagnostic Tool (known as the Nordic Safety Climate Questionnaire – NOSACQ-50) has been developed and refined over the past 10 years by a highly regarded team of Nordic Occupational Safety researchers and has been subject to rigorous academic and field review. The tool is designed to help measure safety climate, motivations, perceptions and self rated behavior and is a reliable predicator of safety behaviours, organizational performance and the effectiveness of safety interventions


Strategy Development

Generative HSE frequently collaborate with our clients to develop and deliver their Safety and Risk Strategy. We help our clients define their current performance, identify and highlight what success looks like and define the steps necessary to reach the desired goal. We also work with stakeholders and support the change management process.

WHS Management Systems

The WHS Act requires Australian companies to comply to specific regulations and codes of practices, ensuring work health and safety. However, many organisations add unnecessary layers of complexity to their WHS management system, leading to confusion in the workplace and even misinformed compliance and poor safety practices. Generative HSE designs WHS management systems which streamline and improve the effectiveness of an organisations’ systems.  This process provides an alignment between the system required and people’s work practices and behaviours on a day-to-day basis. The management systems are designed to enhance ease-of-use, increase system utilisation and reduce human error. Our consultants have also been on both sides of WHS Management System Audits, so we can provide meaningful support for your organisation in this capacity.

Risk Management

Generative HSE has developed a unique risk training program designed for organisations to integrate WHS risk management into daily business operations. The workshop helps improve risk mindfulness and requires participants to pay attention to early warning signs in order to identify potential safety risks. This allows immediate action to be taken, minimising potential physical, psychological and cultural risk.

We also organisations through a robust and practical risk management methodology to identify risks that could tragically give rise single or multiple fatalities. A detailed risk profile is established for each critical risk, incorporating a detailed performance standard, key controls and a field based assurance process.  We have a smartphone app that helps many of our clients manage their critical risks.

Legal Services

Generative HSE works in proud alliance with Owen Hodge Lawyers who have been providing specialised legal services since 1951. Together, we work with our clients to deliver a seamless and full suite of WHS products including comprehensive legal services. Our alliance ensures that we can deal with the most complex of complaints and deliver highly informed and effective mediation.